We love helping postdocs because….


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It’s Valentine’s Day and a good excuse to find out more about the postdoc careers advisers and why they love helping postdocs. (from left – right)


‘I love helping postdocs because they are a diverse and amazing group in the University.’

As a former postdoc in Germany, Anne has been there and done it. The reason she’s a postdoc careers adviser is she loves helping postdocs discover what makes them tick.


‘I love helping postdocs because they have fantastic research stories to tell.’

Diane has a background in political theory and music – she came to postdoc careers advising after working overseas in the Canadian foreign service, with other roles in education at a London orchestra and in HE.  She loves working out the logic of postdoc’s story and seeing where this will take them next.


‘I love helping postdocs because in addition to helping them, I always learn something new.’

After doing a postdoc in the USA, Sonali has held a number of positions in education and public outreach in the sciences. An astrophysicist by training, she understands how daunting finding a career post-postdoc can be and is happy to help.


‘I love helping postdocs because they are so passionate about their research.’

Liz is a chemist by training, and before becoming a careers adviser spent time working in science writing and policy. Liz loves working with people, but is also our resident spreadsheet fan!


‘I get to meet talented researchers from around the world.’

Sally studied genetics, and worked as a wheat breeder, before stepping sideways into training and then careers work.  You may see her cycling frenetically towards the Biomedical Campus for postdoc appointments there.

Together we have over 12 years’ experience of working with the postdoc community – so we know what kinds of pressure you’re facing, and how to help. We also understand that your career is a very individual experience, so we’ll work with you whatever questions you bring to us.

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